Welcome to Kosta’s Greek Sailing Tours

Kostas Greek Sailing Tours is a family business operating within the travel industry since 2009. Our team have traveled diversely through Europe, so we understand what our client’s expectations are for their dream holiday.

Our tours showcase the customary way of life; from the glorious food, the diverse beaches and the amazing landmarks of each island.
From the Quick escape through to deluxe package,  we will cater to all different budgets and desires.

A skipper may also be arranged to sail your group safely to the destinations of your choosing; its basically up to you. 
Yes, holidays should be all about you! There are no hidden costs in our tour packages and our mission is to provide an amazing experience.
Why not capture those tranquil moments on the sea or party from sunset to sunrise. Whatever you decide, we can turn your dream holiday into a reality!


We are passionate about Greece and our aim is to show the hidden beauties the Greek Islands have to offer.

greek sailing tours- Skiathos, Skopelos, Volos, Alonissos and surrounding islands

“Our boat is fully insured and at the end of each season we dry dock and repair anything that needs doing, no expense spared”