Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between us and other companies?

A. We are a small family run business, passionate about taking care of minor details and providing an authentic experience for our guest! We consider ourselves a boutique business, operating on a personal level rather than the standard cliche experience of the larger tour companies

Q. Do you require travel insurance to sail with us?

A. Yes! In your own interest, we require participants to buy suitable travel insurance before leaving home, including cancellation insurance (where available) to protect your booking deposit. Full comprehensive cover is not compulsory, but strongly recommended.

Q. What is the security deposit for the boat?

A. Our boat is fully insured , including third Party cover, beyond a deductible “excess” figure. This amount is provided to you by us as “Refundable Security Deposit” figure.

Q. What should you bring for the trip?

A. Every charter yacht is fully equipped for charter. Apart from provisioning, you only need to bring your personal possessions/medications and some recommended items.

Kostas Sailing Tours is an informal and relaxed holiday (and dress code in Greece is casual)

Suggested clothing-

  • Bathing suit
  • Cotton shorts/ skirt
  • Comfortable T-shirts
  • Linen/Cotton dress
  • Sweater and long cotton pants for cool nights
  • Light wet weather gear for the occasional rainy days

*You may also like to bring  formal attire for an elegant evening dining experience*

Rubber-sole shoes for a firm grip on slippery decks, to prevent foot injury and to protect the boat’s surface is highly recommended. Soft luggage instead of bulky space-consuming suitcases is a must as on board storage may be limited. Advisable to bring your own sun cream, sunglasses with an anti-ultraviolet coating, a good sun hat, your own beach towels, a beach umbrella and perhaps a 12v mobile phone charger.

Q. What if you need to cancel the charter?

A. Please read our cancellation information on our  Terms & Conditions  page.

Q. What happens during check in (boat briefings) & checkout?

A.Upon embarkation the charterer and his/her party will be given general briefing covering the local cruising grounds. Questions about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, or any part of the desired itinerary can be answered. A more specific boat briefing aboard the yacht will then be given, covering all the operating systems- including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems. The same detailed list of the entire inventory of the yacht will be the basis of delivery and redelivery of the boat. Charterers should pay special attention to this procedure and make sure they have examined and possess all parts of the yacht and handling manner of the entire equipment. Signing of the “acceptance statement” or hand-over form justifies the formal, actual and absolute acceptance of the vessel by the charterer.

Upon return of the boat the owner we will inspect the yacht and all of it’s systems/hardware to determine if any damage has occurred and that all equipment is present. This is also the time when refuelling is done. If all is ok the charterer will be returned their refundable security deposit.

Q. What food is possible on a sailing yacht? What dishes can a hostess prepare?

For breakfast the hostess typically serves continental items of fresh bread and condiments, yogurt, cereals, fresh fruits and juices. In addition cooked items (Bacon and eggs ) are available. Tea and filtered coffee is also served.

Q. What does a hostess do?

A. We can provide a local English speaking hostess or deck-hand for the full duration of your charter. Please note our hostess will not be preparing complicated recipes onboard due to the limited space and storage of a charter sailing yacht. The simple and casual nature of sailing and the cooking facilities of the sailboats define the style of the holidays. Therefore the level of services provided by a hostess onboard our sailing yacht should not be compared to services of the permanent crew found on fully crewed yachts.

The light lunch is usually traditional Greek food such as Pasta with sauce & salad; Roasted chicken & potatoes & salad; “Briam” ( zucchini, eggplants, potatoes, onion, peppers, carrots, parsley altogether baked) & salad; Greek stuffed tomatoes/peppers; Pork, veal or lamb with fresh onion and spices (usually in red sauce or with mashed potatoes) & salad; Risoto (rice) with seafood & salad & olives; Cretan rusk-bread, tzatziki dip & extra virgin olive-oil possibly assorted with a variety of other appetizers / local salami,variety of spinach pie, mushrooms a la creme, or fried eggs, french fries, fried Greek cheese Choriatiki salad – easy to prepare onboard.

greek sailing tours- Skiathos, Skopelos, Volos, Alonissos and surrounding islands
greek sailing tours- Skiathos, Skopelos, Volos, Alonissos and surrounding islands
greek sailing tours- Skiathos, Skopelos, Volos, Alonissos and surrounding islands